What is a Community First Responder (CFR) Scheme?

Dalkey First Responders celebrating our 5th Birthday on Killiney Hill
8th September 2019!
A great day had by all all.
Thank you to everyone who came over to say hello, learn CPR and also how to use a defibrillator in an emergency situation!

IMG_0037Community First Responder groups have been running very successfully for a number of years in many communities around the country. These first responder groups are co-ordinated by the HSE National Ambulance Service and integrated into the emergency response in the community.

Volunteers from the local community are professionally trained in CPR and the use of defibrillators. They then participate in an ‘on call’ rota assisting the ambulance service in responding to certain medical emergency calls in the community by providing life saving treatment to critically ill people in the first few minutes prior to the arrival of an emergency ambulance.

Aims of Community First Responder Schemes

  • Complement & Enhance the Ambulance Service
  • Initiate life-saving treatment
  • Increase chance of survival for patient
  • Improve survival outcomes (e.g. Neurological Function)

How does it Work?

When you are ‘on call’ as a volunteer responder …


Other ways to Help

As well as providing a first response service, we …


Volunteer Responders

Responders are required by the HSE to be over …